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Magnet Power Supplies

The Magnet Power Supplies group is responsible for the design, manufacture, testing, measurement, operation and    maintenance of accelerator magnet power supplies, as well as some key technologies of how to improve the             performance of high precision magnet power supplies.

There are more than 800 digital switching mode power supplies installed in the SSRF technical hall, which have been operating for nearly 6 years.

The 40 dipole magnets of storage ring are connected together and excited by an 800 A/840 V power supply which    has a low current ripple less than 10 ppm and long-time stability better than 20 ppm. The 200 quadrupole magnets     are excited individually by 200 power supplies separately. The 140 sextupoles are connected in 9 groups and excited by 9 sextupole power supplies. The quadrupoles, together with the slow feedback correction, the fast correction and the skew quadrupoles magnet power supplies are installed in 20 stations along the technical hall adjacent to the 20     lattice cells.

All the booster dipole, quadrupole and sextupole current straced same reference data table with a tracking error less   than 0.1%.The current waveform is a 2Hz biased sine wave.  The booster dipole power supply consists of eight         power cabinets, four of them in series to reach the peak voltage of 1000 V and another series four cabinets              paralleled to share the 1150 A peak current. With the input power control technology, the input power range is about 110 kW±3 kW while the load power is varying from  -500 kW to 830 kW.

The Magnet Power Supplies group had developed many power supply systems for various facilities of both domestic and foreign institutes, such as:

Shanghai Soft X-ray Free Electron Laser test Facility (SXFEL)

Dalian Coherent Light Source (DCLS)

TMSR Nuclear  Accelerator

Linear Accelerator for Brazilian Light Source


Meanwhile, the group is involved in developing some key technologies and equipments, such as digital controllers,       Direct Current Current Transformers (DCCTs) and so on.


The group is currently composed of 10 members.



Rui Li


Chunlong Guo


Zhimin Hu


Ruinian Xu


Hong Liu


Wanfeng Wu


Dongxing Wang


Yanyan Zhu


Maomao Huang


Songqing Tan


The SSRF booster dipole power supplies,storage ring dipole power supplies and

storage ring quadrupole power supplies.




Digital controllers and DCCTs