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Accelerator Physics

The Accelerator Physics group is responsible for optimizing SSRF storage ring as well as the full energy booster. Its main concerns are electron and proton beam dynamics. The group is now involved in other projects such as SSRF phase-II beamline project.The Accelerator Physics group is devoted to optimize the performance of storage ring, including orbit stability, brightness, dynamic aperture, and so on for several designed and desired operation modes.


The group focuses on these subjects:


New operation mode, including low emittance and low alpha mode for SSRF storage ring.

Accelerator upgrade in SSRF phase-II beamline project, including super-bend, double mini βy optics and so on.

Orbit stability issues, including slow orbit feedback, fast orbit feedback system and noise seeking.

Insertion Devices (IDs) effects on beam dynamics and their compensation schemes.

Nonlinear beam dynamic effects and optimization.

Top-up operation, including injection system and beam losses.

Collective effects.

The latest developments in the light source, such as diffraction limit ring.

Machine maintenance and trouble shooting.


The group is currently composed of 4 members.



Bocheng Jiang


Manzhou Zhang


Shunqiang Tian


Kun Wang




Lattice of SSRF phase-II beamline project