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Front Ends

The front end, located inside the storage ring tunnel, is the interface between the light source and the beamline. The

main functions of the front end are:


To define the beam aperture;

To absorb as much of the heat as possible from the light source;

To protect the vacuum system and equipments if there is a leak in the beamline;

To ensure the radiation safety of the optic hutch;

To monitor the beam position.



All the front end systems at SSRF operate under the ultra-high vacuum condition with a vacuum degree better than

5×10-10 Torr, which leads to high requirements for design and arrangement of the vacuum components in the front

end and beamline. The front end consists of a series of components such as mask, XBPM, photon shutter, safety

shutter, valves, collimator, etc. There are three kinds of front ends at the SSRF: insertion devices front ends, bend

magnets front ends and canted front ends, which have been highly standardized and modularized.



                                   Mask                                   Photon Shutter      Safety Shutter




The Font Ends group is in charge of the design, test, calibration, installation, operation and maintenance of all SSRF

front ends. It is also responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of the vacuum systems of the beamlines at the SSRF.



           The group is currently composed of 6 members.



Min Zhang


Ming Chen


Yongjun Li


Junnan Liu


Tengfei Liu


Dandan Jia