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March 1995 

A proposal for constructing a third generation synchrotron light source in Shanghai, namely the Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility

(SSRF), was submitted by Chinese Academy of Sciences and

Shanghai Municipal Government.


January 1999-March 2001


The R&D of the SSRF project was carried out.

January 2004

The proposal for the SSRF project was approved.

December 2004

The groundbreaking of the SSRF project was held.

December 2007

The first synchrotron radiation light was obtained.

April 2009

The dedication of the SSRF project was held.

May 2009

SSRF was officially opened to users with 7 beamlines. 

January 2010

The SSRF welcomed its 1000th user.

January 2010

The SSRF project  passed the state acceptance.

December 2012

The SSRF started top-up operation for user experiments.

December 2014

The SSRF welcomed its 10000th user.

December 2014

The 6 NCPSS beamline stations were officially opened to users.

March 2015

The proposal for the SSRF phase-II beamline project with 16 new

beamlines was approved.

June 2015

The Dreamline  equipped with two experimental stations (ARPES and PEEM) was officially opened to users.