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BL15U1 Hard X-ray Micro-Focusing Beamline

1.     Introduction

BL15U1 is a multitechnique hard X-ray microprobe beamline for the energy range 5-20 keV, combined with micro-X-ray fluorescence (μ-XRF), micro-X-ray absorption (μ-XAS), and micro-X-ray diffraction (μ-XRD). The beamline has opened to user since May, 2009, and it’s being applied for a variety of scientific topics such as materials sciences, life sciences, earth and environmental sciences, and archaeology. Hard x-ray microprobe using K-B mirrors is in operation since opening, with a spatial resolution ~2 μm. A nano-focusing system by using zone-plate is developed alsowith a beam size smaller than 200 nm at 10keV.



2.     Beamline Optics


Since the horizontal source size is large, two step focusing scheme is adopted. The key optical components of the beamline include: prefocusing mirror, double crystal monochromator, secondary source slits, and K-B mirrors.

3.     Techniques

† Micro-XRF (X-ray Fluorescence)

Elemental composition, content and distribution (2D)

† Micro-XAFS (X-ray Absorption Fine Structure): transmissionfluorescence

 Elemental chemical states and atomic neighbor structures

† Micro-XRD (X-ray Diffraction)

  Material structures


4.     Source 



In-Vacuum Undulator 25 (IVU25)

periodic length




maximum magnetic intensity




5.     Optics

Double Crystal Monochromator: Si(111) and Si(220)

Toroidal Prefocusing Mirror

K-B Mirror system


6.     Endstations

e2v 7-element Si(Li) detector

Vortex-90EX Si drift detector

Mar165 CCD

Ionization chamber

KOHZU 7-axis sample stage

PI X-Y piezo scanning stage

Sample alignment microscope

X-ray VHR camera  

7.     Support LAB

Ruby fluorescence pressure calibration system


8.     Control and Data Acquisition


 Motor control and data acquistion. VME board which including MVME5500 as CPU, Maxv8000 as motor controller, JoergerVSC16A as high speed counter and Hytec-ADC/DAC as AD-DA convertor.




Various EPICS-based applications are used for control and data collection. The account strategy with LDAP authentication used for data privacy.

 PYMCA, Athena, Fit2D are provided and supported for data processing.

All User data was saved in storage server.


9.     Beamline Specification


Energy Range

5-20 keV

Energy Resolution(ΔE/E)

< 2.0´10-4

Photon Flux at sample


Beam size at sample

2´ 2 μm2  K-B mirror

<0.2´0.2mm2 (H´V) Zone plate


10.  Applications

Life science

Material science

Earth science

Environmental science

Nanotechnology and industrial applications


11.  Contacts

Aiguo Li




Ke Yang




12.  Picture

   A full view of Experiment End Station