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Welcome to the Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (SSRF), the China's largest synchrotron research

facility to date.


SSRF is one of the advanced third generation light sources in the world, and it supports and pushes the cutting

-edge scientific research and the innovation in China.


Since commencing operation in May 2009 the SSRF has provided bright x-ray beams to more than 10000 users

from universities, institutes, hospitals and high-tech companies from around the China and the world. The facility has

been used in many areas of scientific research and industrial development, including biology, physics, material science,

chemistry, environmental science, archeology, biomedical applications, medicine and drug development, etc.

Over 1900 publications have been generated based on the experiments conducted at the SSRF.

The SSRF is also actively involved in the training and education of our next generation of scientists and engineers.


The SSRF is committed to continuing to expand its capacity and strengthen its contribution to the cutting edge of

modern science.