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1. Introduction

       The X-ray Photoemission Spectroscopy and Microscopy Beamline (Dreamline) provides a state-of-the-art experimental set-up to study the electronic band structure of novel complex materials and the surfaces and interfaces of solid-state materials by using Angle-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopies (ARPES) and Photoemission Electron Microscopies (PEEM). The beamline was built with two APPLE-II type undulators (LEID and HEID) and produces a broad energy range from 20 to 2000 eV with high resolution, variable polarization, and high flux, as well as the minimized higher orders harmonics for the low energy photons. Due to this unique Duo-undulator technique, Dreamline provides an ideal platform for investigating the materials that has distinct properties from the bulk to the surface.


2. Beamline Layout


Beamline layout





ARPES End-station

·             UVU ARPES

·             Soft X-ray ARPES

·             Resonant X-ray ARPES

·             MBE

XPEEM End-station

·             Bright & dark field LEEM

·             MEM

·             UV-PEEM

·             X-ray PEEM

·             LEED

·             Spectroscopy

4. Endstations

 ARPES End-station


       The end-station is equipped with a DA30L analyzer with the updated deflection mode capable for taking Fermi surface with high efficiency, and a 6-axis cryogenic manipulator Carvingproviding 3 translation and 3 rotation degree of freedom. This very solid and stable manipulator enables precise sample manipulating controlled by a sophisticate Labview-based software. The endstation also contains a load-lock with 6 parking position available, a transfer chamber providing Ar-sputtering, a preparation chamber equipped with a LEED and a K-cell, and a magnetic shielded main acquisition chamber.  Besides, the endstation has a MBE, which can be used for in-situ growing and photoemission studies for Fe(TeSe) thin films.

       The specification of the station is listed as below:

?Eoptimal = 5 meV @ 20 eV   21 meV @ 400 eV

Base temperature Tbase= 12 K (Carving) / 7 K (4-axis Manipulator)

Samples preparation: Ar-sputtering, annealing up to 1000K-cell evaporators

In-situ Fe(TeSe) growth and characterization MBE


XPEEM End-station



       The instrument allows to image samples using the photoelectric effect with very high spatial resolution, chemical and magnetic sensitivity. With an energy analyzer the excited photoelectrons can be energy-selected. In addition to illumination by X-rays, illumination by low energy electrons is possible. In this low energy electron microscopy (LEEM) mode additional contrast mechanisms are available.

The special/energy resolution data:

       LEEM/PEEM: Field of view: 0.65-100um

Typical lateral resolution:

LEEM imaging: ~ 3nm

PEEM imaging: UV lamp: ~6nm                  

                        X ray: ~ 20nm

Energy resolution: ~0.15eV


Ion gun: sputter and clean sample surface

Femtosecond laser: 800nm and 400nm wavelength

Mercury lamp: photon 4. 9eV

Gas: O2, Ar, etc.

K-cell and E-beam evaporators: in situ growth and observation


5. Support Facilities

Glove Box: A Unilab Pro SP(1250/1000) glove box is available for preparing and storing air-sensitive samples


6. Beamline Specifications

Energy range

20-200 eVLEID,200-2000 eVHEID

Resolving power

35000 @ 867 eV


Linear Horizontal, Linear Vertical, Circular Left/Right

Flux on sample

3.5×1011 phs/s/0.01% BW @ 800eV

Beam spot

20 ?m×30 ?m


7. Applications




8. Contact      

Yaobo Huang 


+86(0) 21 3393 3224