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Beamline Control

The Beamline Control group is responsible for the design, implement, development, operation and maintenance of the beamline control system.


Since the SSRF opened in May 2009, the beamline control system has operated with high performance, reliability,      efficiency, safety and good scalability. The key features of the system are:



The distributed control systems for the beamlines combine with a centralized management system. The embedded computers are distributed to control the equipments directly. Control information is transmitted from the embedded computers to the host computers and servers in the central control room.

State-of-the-art techniques are used in the system. The hardware are based on the high-performance embedded VMEbus products and industrial modules. The control software are running on an EPICS platform.

Standardized electrical hardware are used to implement the diversity of the applications for the beamlines. The stepper motor drivers are developed in-house and will be used in the new beamlines.

The operational status of the beamlines are captured and archived in associated databases. The retrieval of the historical data is realized through the web-based browser.

The crucial parameters of the beamline components are saved and restored automatically.




The group is currently composed of 8 members.



Lifang Zheng


Ping Liu 


Wenhong Jia


Zhaohong Zhang


Qingru Mi


Chun Hu


Yongnian Zhou


Yingfeng Wu