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Accelerator Control

The Accelerator Control group is responsible for the facility-wide low level real-time control, process control,          machine protection, data acquisition, high level database or web applications as well as network and computing        platform. It consists of the control system architects, software and electronics engineers.

The accelerator control system of the SSRF is a hierarchical standard accelerator control system for three                 accelerators: the linear accelerator (LINAC), the booster and the storage ring. It is built on the distributed control       system (DCS) technique and the toolkit of the Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System (EPICS). Key      features of the accelerator control system are:


It is a large scale real-time and interactive control system with high reliability and stability.

Adopted various advanced digital processing system which effectively improve data measurement accuracy, such as the digital PS controller and the new timing module.

Integrated with many new computer techniques, hardware and softwaresuch as RDB Archive system and the redundancy IOC systemwhich are used for the soft interlock system realized by the pooling technique.

Designed a 1000Base-T control network instead of the field bus for most devices and adopted the VLAN instead of the separate sub network. Most of devices are directly connected by the control network and integrated with EPICS system. Designed the redundancy backbone to ensure the reliability of the network.

A uniform system development and runtime environment of hardware and software is adopted in the control system, including EPICS environment and high level physical application environment. The high level physical application can be conveniently integrated with the control system. With the SSRF center database, a set of tools were developed to record and manage the running procedures of the SSRF.

Designed and implemented an elaborate machine protection system to ensure the safe, efficient, and reliable operation and maintenance of the facility. A series of effective measures had been used to increase reliability of the system, including device redundancy, hot standby, EMI, EMC, grounding, isolation, filtering, shielding and so on.



The group is currently composed of 14 members.



Liren Shen


Jianfeng Chen


Jianguo Ding




Geyang Jiang


Chunlei Yu


Guanghua Chen


Haifeng Miao


Haijun Zhu


Huan Zhao


Qingru Mi


Shouming Hu


Wending Fang


Yajuan Liu



Schema of the SSRF accelerator control system